Web APIs Reference

The Keyfactor Command solution exposes Web APIs to allow third-party software to integrate with the advanced certificate enrollmentClosed Certificate enrollment refers to the process by which a user requests a digital certificate. The user must submit the request to a certificate authority (CA). and management features of Keyfactor Command in a secure manner and to provide a mechanism for automating routine or bulk tasks that would be cumbersome to perform through the browser-based user interface. The APIs complement the web components of Keyfactor Command and offer a number of HTTP method calls that provide similar functionality to that available within the portal's user interface, but which can be accessed programmatically by any system capable of making web requests. These APIs have the following goals and constraints:

  • Provide a simple interface to make integration easy for third parties.
  • Develop interoperability between different technology frameworks and operating systems.
  • Support common certificate enrollment and management tasks.
  • Deliver a securable interface.
  • Preserve backward-compatibility so that existing clients continue to work, where possible.